January 29, 2017

RMSS Frequently Asked Questions

Is potable water available on site?

No, potable water is not available on-site. However potable water and an RV sewage drop are now available on the way in and out of RMSS at the Wildflower Cafe and Grocery in Gardner!

Please remember that the general rule of thumb is 1 gallon per person per day, and that you’ll need water for drinking, washing (yourself and dishes), and cooking. RMSS can get very hot and dusty, so please plan for your water needs accordingly.

Can we have a campfire?

No, open fires are not permitted … the danger of a wildfire is far too great.

Is electrical power available?

Currently electrical power is not available on site. Most folks bring a small generator with them.

Is there any place to recharge batteries?

Most folks bring a small generator and recharge during the day. Honda has a small, quiet one that is commonly seen.

What toilet facilities will there be?

Yes, we will have multiple porta-potties around the entire area.

Will there be portable showers available?

No, most folks bring a camping shower or utilize the local hotels.

Where can we set up our camp?

Anywhere. We have no restrictions on camping as long as it is not obscuring the skies. We are encouraging RV’s to assemble along the perimeter of the property. Details will be available at the registration tent.  As it can get very hot during the day, we do recommend tent campers also consider setting up camp in the trees using available shade for your comfort.

How is cell phone and/or Wi-fi coverage?

No Wi-Fi at this time. AT&T and Verizon both have service in the area. Verizon’s signal is quite good and AT&T was better last year. T-Mobile is extremely spotty.  We have found that due to the terrain the signal quality and strength varies around the property. We encourage you to do a walk around checking for the best area and then determine where you want to camp. Once we reach the spring thaw we will reassess the signal quality on the property.

Will there be bathroom/shower facilities?

No, most folks bring a camping shower or utilize the local hotels. More information will be available in your registration packets.

Is it permitted to arrive a day early and/or stay a day later?

Unless you are a member of the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society (CSAS), our insurance only covers the scheduled event days. We cannot permit non-members to stay outside the RMSS event days.

If you have any further questions please contact us at director@rmss.org