March 22, 2017

RMSS Experiences

Quick Hunting

“One of my favorite nights at RMSS was when there were about eight of us standing around my scope, thinking of great objects to hunt. One object was bagging all five of Stephan’s Quintet, another was getting a dozen galaxies in one eyepiece. It amazes me how much experience accumulates at RMSS and how much I can learn in just a few nights. It was a perfect night, with great skies, pleasant temperatures and good friends.”

Dizziness at Star Stare

“At a recent RMSS, I was observing with a friend on his 22″ Dob.  I climbed up the ladder and was looking  in the eyepiece.  As I stood back up and was about to start down the ladder, I looked down.  Since it was so dark, all I could really see were the stars reflecting up from his 22″ mirror, and it felt like I was floating in space for a minute and was completely disoriented.  Took me a few minutes to pry my fingers from the ladder to come back down as I’d never experienced a sense of vertigo like that before.”

Just Passing By

“My first year at RMSS, I was amazed at how clear and dark the skies were. As soon as the stars would clear the horizon line, they would become visible. There were so many stars and it was difficult to find the most familiar constellations. Comparing views between my scope and other friend’s scopes is one of my favorite pastimes, while sharing eyepieces and learning about new equipment.  Occasionally I would find someone wandering around and I really enjoy sharing views with all passers by.”

Treasure Hunt

“I started attending RMSS in 2002 when my family decided to relocate to the Colorado Springs area. I’ve been to quite a few star parties and will have to say this is by far the best star party I have ever been to, year after year! The dark skies, large observing area, friendly people and outdoor scenery are just a few of the many highlights of this event. One of my friends had a metal detector and the kids and I went “treasure hunting”. We actually found a whole bunch of neat stuff! My kids really enjoy the event and always ask when we’re going back. Hat’s off to a job well done!”

Just How Dark are the Skies at RMSS?

“Several years ago I met a couple visiting the area for the purpose of attending Rocky Mountain Star Stare. They had interesting stories to tell. You see, they were independently wealthy and spent much of their time traveling from place to place in the country attending star parties. They mentioned a list of more than a dozen locations, and those were just their favorites. They said RMSS was now on that list as this site was darker and more transparent than all but one they had attended. The darkest skies they had seen were nearby the radio telescope facility known as the Very Large Array in New Mexico. It’s nice to know I need not travel that far to enjoy some of the darkest skies in the country.”